The purchase of real estate is a significant transaction in the lives of most people. Even though the law requires disclosure, the seller still has a significant advantage over the buyer in the purchase of a property. Our job is to help bridge that information gap by having a trained, professional inspector evaluate the structures and systems and provide you with an objective, balanced, and insightful report to assist you in making an informed purchase decision.

Although the property file at the city contains public information about permits, few people bother to check that file.  If an owner pulls a permit and does not call for inspections and get the permit property “closed” or “finaled,” under MN Rules 1300.0120 Subpart 10, the permit will expire in 180 days.  This could result in a seller stating (truthfully) in the required disclosure form that permits were “obtained” for work performed, even though none of it was approved, inspected, or finaled.  We will perform a public records search of permit history to be sure the work claimed was done lawfully.  Please notify our scheduler if you want us to perform a public records search.

Residential Properties

We will inspect and evaluate the following systems:

  • Roofing, Ventilation, and Coverings

  • Exterior Grade and Drainage

  • Structural Components

  • Insulation

  • Plumbing System and Fixtures

  • Mechanical System(s)

  • Electrical System(s)

  • Appliances

  • Crawl Spaces & Attics

Commercial Properties

Because commercial property purchases involve many interrelated issues such as the interests of the buyer, the condition of the building(s), and the financial resources available, we custom design our inspection process to meet the needs and concerns of the individual client.

Our fees for commercial properties are set at the time of engagement and reflect the scope of the inspection.

If you have a commercial property acquisition in mind, please call and speak to us regarding your needs and to determine the price for your peace of mind.

Residential Inspection rates (Single Family Homes)

Size (Sq Ft) Price
 Up to 1000  $325.00
 1001 – 1500  $350.00
 1501 – 2000  $375.00
 2001 – 2500  $400.00
 2501 – 3000  $425.00
 3001 – 3500  $450.00
 3501 – 4000  $475.00
 4001 – 4500  $500.00
 4501 – 5000  $525.00
 Over 5000  Call

Radon test with home inspection $150.00. Radon only $195.00.

Public records search $75.00.